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This is the High Performance Computing Lab in Department of Biomedical Informatics at OSU. Here, we conduct research on:


Jan 21, 2015: Check out the public release about our Cladistics paper: Study maps travel of H7 influenza genes.

Jan 16, 2015: Our paper "Finding the Hierarchy of Dense Subgraphs using Nucleus Decompositions" is accepted to WWW'15 conference.

May 22, 2014: Mehmet Deveci won 2014 IPDPS PhD Forum Award. Congrats Mehmet!

April 28, 2014: Ayat Hatem successfully defended her PhD dissertation on "Active Module Discovery: an Integrated Approaches of Gene Co-Expression and PPI Networks and MicroRNA Data". Congrats Ayat!

February 18, 2014: M. Deveci has been awarded a travel grant to attend SIAM PP'14 conference.

September 10, 2013: Prof. Catalyurek gave an invited talk on theadvisor at Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Case Western Reserve University.

August 15, 2013: Dr. Saule leaves HPC Lab and takes an Assistant Professor position at UNC-Charlotte in the Department of Computer Science. Read BMI News.

August 4, 2013: Onur Kucuktunc successfully defended his PhD dissertation on "Result Diversification on Spatial, Multidimensional, Opinion, and Bibliographic Data" and graduated. Dr. Kucuktunc will join Google.

May 2, 2013: A.E. Sariyuce has been awarded a travel grant to attend SDM'13 conference.

March 21, 2013: Our article Performance Evaluation of Sparse Matrix Multiplication Kernels on Intel Xeon Phi has been discussed on the web at HPCWire and Go Parallel.

September 12, 2012: Our lab has been awarded a new NSF Grant, CC-NIE Integration: Innovations to Transition a Campus Core Cyberinfrastructure to Serve Diverse and Emerging Researcher Needs, jointly with C. Whitacre (PI), D.K. Panda, P. Calyam, D. Gaitonde. more info.

April 6, 2012: theadvisor, a graph-based citation, venue, and reviewer recommendation service, has been released by HPC Lab.

March 7, 2012: K. Eren successfully defended his Master dissertation entitled "Applications of Biclustering Algorithms to Biological Data".

February 15, 2012: Prof. Catalyurek will be giving an invited plenary talk at the SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing. Recorded broadcast of the talk.

February 7, 2012: mrSNP, a web service for detecting SNP effects on microRNA bindings, has been released by HPC Lab.

January 18, 2012: M. Deveci has been awarded a travel grant to attend DIMACS'10 workshop.

August 12, 2012: Our lab has been awarded two new DOE/NEUP grants: Pathway Aggregation in the Risk Assessment of Proliferation Resistance and Physical Protection (PR&PP) of Nuclear Energy Systems jointly with Prof. T. Aldemir (PI, OSU Nuclear Engineering), and Prof. A. Yilmaz (OSU Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science), and Methodology Development for Passive Component Reliability Modeling in a Multi-Physics Simulation Environment jointly with Prof. T. Aldemir (PI) and R. Denning from the OSU Nuclear Engineering program.

August 3, 2011: Our poster entitled "A comparison of recent biclustering algorithms" has been selected as the runner-up of the poster award for the ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedicine 2011.

July 12, 2011: SPart, a library for partitioning spatially located workload, developed at HPClab is now released. See SPart website for more details.

May 24, 2011: Dr. Hartley successfully defended his PhD dissertation on "Accelerating Component-Based Dataflow Middleware with Adaptivity and Heterogeneity". Dr. Hartley will join Intel.

May 23, 2011: M. Bas successfully defended his Master dissertation entitled "Load-Balancing Spatially Located Computations Using Rectangular Partitions".

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