2010 Pathology Informatics Workshop Program

1:00-1:45 Sequential Imaging Techniques for Multimodal Microscopy Imaging and Auto Servie Removal by Dr. Ali Can

1:45-2:15 Image Object Detection and Segmentation by Dr. Ulysses Balis

2:15-3:00 Feature Extraction in Histopathology Images by Dr. Nasir Rajpoot

3:30-4:15 Searching for a Few Good Features by Dr. Bulent Yener

4:15-5:00 Manifold Learning and Object Classification by Dr. Anant Madabhushi

5:50-6:40 Visual Experience in Digital Pathology by Dr. Emily Patterson and Caroline Gill

6:40-7:10 Cell Based Quantification of Molecular Biomarkers in Histopathology Specimens by Spectral Imaging and Automated Analysis by Dr. Badri Roysam

7:10-7:40 Computer-Assisted Histopathological Image Analysis for Whole-Slide Images by Dr. Metin Gurcan

7:40-8:10 Graph-based Features for Prognosis Prediction in Digital Pathology by Drs. Anant Madabhushi, Michael Feldman, John Tomasxzewski

8:10-8:40 Endoscopic Microscopy: Bridging the Radiology-Pathology Divide by Dr. Gary Tearney

8:40-9:00 Discussion Panel with all Faculty Members
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