2014 Pathology Informatics Workshop Presentation

8:00-8:05 Introduction to HIMA Methods by Dr. Metin Gurcan

8:05-9:00 Beyond Heterogeneity; Tackling Cancer Detection with Non-Linear Machine Learning Methods by Dr. Eric Cosatto

9:05-10:00 Quantitative In Situ Measurement of Biomolecules for Companion Diagnostics by Dr. David Rimm

10:35-11:30 New In Situ and Microdissection Technologies for Molecular Pathology by Dr. Michael Tangrea

11:30-12:00 Discussion

1:35-2:30 Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: A Community Pathologist's View of Digital Pathology by Dr. Eric Glassy

3:05-4:00 Go Large! Opportunities and Challenges Presented by Whole-Mount Histopathology by Dr. Anne Martel

4:00-5:00 Panel Discussion
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