2015 Pathology Informatics Workshop Presentation

8:00-8:05 am Introduction by Dr. Metin Gurcan

8:05-8:55 am Will Digital Pathology Bring Computer Assisted Pathological Diagnostics into Routine Medical Care? by Dr. Ewert Bengtsson

8:55-9:50 am The Open Microscopy Environment: Open Source Image Informatics for the Biological Sciences by Dr. Jason Swedlow

9:50-10:10 am Refreshment Break

10:10-11:05 am Ontologies and Pathology Informatics by Dr. Barry Smith

11:05-12:00 noon The Need for an Ontological Framework in Histopathology by Dr. John Tomaszewski

12:00-1:00 pm Luncheon Break

1:00-1:55 pm Translating Developments from Medical Imaging to Digital Pathology by Dr. Martin Yaffe

1:55-2:50 pm Caltech, How to Build a Gigapixel Microscope using a LED Array by Dr. Guoan Zheng

2:50-3:10 pm Break

3:10-4:05 pm The Potential of Image Analysis Algorithms from the Perspective of Pathologists Who Have Already Adopted WSI for the Routine Diagnostic Work by Dr. Andrew Evans

4:05-5:00 pm Panel Discussion
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